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We are an efficient and reliable Education Consulting firm with highly qualified experienced professionals that assist you in attaining your educational desires.

Who we are

Jokings Educare is a UK based education consulting firm with international offices in Nigeria and Kenya and is solely involved in the promotion of reputable Universities, Colleges and other Institutions in Europe as well as other parts of the World. We render guidance, by offering assistance and share our know-how on educational issues to students and those intending to further their education internationally.

Today Jokings Educare officially represents a wide number of universities and colleges in the World.

Vision & Values

  • Professionalism

  • Effectiveness

  • Client satisfaction

  • Representation

  • Career achievement

We have an efficient team of qualified counselors with sound knowledge in studying abroad admission process. Not only do they have instant information about universities and Colleges in the UK but also will be able to help you make right career choices. During the counseling sessions, you will understand that Jokings Educare do have the resourcefulness to provide a safe launch pad for your overseas education. 


Meet our Professional team whom are happy to offer you great support at any point 

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