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Our admission process has been made so easy in a professional manner. Once you speak to one of our counsellors, the process and journey is carried out efficiently and within a short space of time you would be having your offer


Get information
Updated information about study in the country of your choice and identify the required documents for international students 

Consult to select University and Program
Our consultation group are always online and on time to guide you for selecting the best program and best university.

Get your documents ready
At this point you should prepare documents required for admission then send us your documents. To see what required documents are and how to send them,

Evaluation of documents by us
After we receive your documents, we will evaluate them within 24 hours if there is anything wrong or incomplete then will inform you by email.


If your documents are complete, your profile will be automatically created by us and we would send you an email or text about your profile number which indicates what you have applied for. So from that moment till the end, you have to mention your profile number if you want to know about the natural process and so on.

Application sent to the University
Your file will be sent to the international admissions of the University. This department has the responsibility of international student’s applications. So your profile will be sent to your selected faculty after an overall evaluation by international admissions team.




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